BOUND is a project that examines, explores, and reflects on the complex underground networks that bind the soil, fungi, and plant life together. Vast mycelium networks occupy the space beneath the surface of nearly every natural area we humans inhabit. In many cases, organisms are dependent on these networks for nutrients and also for a special type of biological communication between various species. Life as we know it, quite literally, could not exist without them. This project is my way of paying homage and of contemplating our human connection to the planet.

For each of six pieces, I have studied and photographed natural materials in my immediate surroundings [Lichen, Earth, Pine, Wasp Paper, Aspen, and Ash] and created a complex network to surround the orb of earthly materials.

BOUND consists of 6 physical pieces that simultaneously exist in the digital realm as augmented reality experiences and as NFT digital artworks.

The imagery was created initially as a three-dimensional rendering in software using photography of natural materials combined with algorithms, manual drawing, and particle systems to create the networks. Images were printed and transferred to prepared birch panels and finished with acrylic paint and acrylic medium.

Physical Pieces are 48″ wide by 36″ tall on 2″ cradled panels. The physical images were created using an image transfer process combined with mixed media techniques.

Augmented reality pieces are activated via QR codes in the gallery setting (included with the label).

NFT Pieces are listed on on the Polygon Blockchain as a collection of limited editions – five editions of each image.

This collection was originally displayed at EDGE Contemporary Art Gallery, in Lakewood, Colorado on January 28, 2022.

Animated versions of NFTs are on Foundation. App and are part of the immersive video and sound installation I created for ETHDenver 2020 in the Maker Space area of the Denver Sports Castle.