Love in Blue

Love comes in many forms from affection to emotional connection, from romantic to physical, and everything in-between. I have a deep affection for tiny organisms that live and die – mostly unnoticed by human eyes. Lichen, fungi, slime molds, and other miniature life forms take shape in fantastical surreal landscapes across the forest floor, in wetland habitats, and along the mountain tundra. Love in Blue is an expression of my personal love for these tiny organisms and the wondrous forms they inhabit, particularly in their reproductive stages. Through this digitally animated short film, I invite you to join me in the wondrous joy of childlike discovery and exploration of the natural world as it might be seen through the magnification lens of my dreams.

This short film was commissioned by Side Stories Rino in Denver Colorado for Side Stories 2022: Love Stories. Learn more at:

Love in Blue displayed at Meow Wolf Convergence Station in Denver, Colorado June – August 2023.

Film Festivals and Awards

Love in Blue has been selected for the following film festivals and awards:

Inspiration for this project

When I’m designing the concept for a new project based on biological organisms like slime molds, fungi, or lichen, I begin by researching ideas, photographing specimens in the field with a macro lens, or browsing images online. That was absolutely the case here. I referenced photographs I had taken earlier, and some of my favorite slime mold photographers on Instagram.