Spore is an animated short film exploring the microscopic world of spore-production. Referenced here are the Cannon Fungus and the Carnival Candy Slime Mold.
Spore is available as an environmentally conscious NFT on the Portion Network using Palm
Purchase of the NFT includes a full HD 1920×1080 copy of the film.

Visit the listing on portion here to purchase.
Note – you will need to have MetaMask to purchase.

Supernova 20121 Best Short Fest 2021

Inspiration for this project

When I’m designing the concept for a new project based on biological organisms like slime molds, fungi, or lichen, I begin by researching ideas, photographing specimens in the field with a macro lens, or browsing images online. That was absolutely the case here. I referenced photographs I had taken earlier, and some of my favorite slime mold photographers on Instagram.