Coral Shape
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Colorado Coral – Pt 1: How to create coral-like organic forms with C4D and X-Particles

I have a Glowforge Laser Cutter that I purchased during the initial crowdfunding stage for about half-price. The thing is, it took more than two years to arrive, and when it did, I had already kind moved on to other things. Now I have a project in mind. I want to create coral-like shapes that feel like specimen collections from nature but are made from recycled materials like cardboard and heavy paper stock.

This post will show the first steps in creating said coral-like shapes. I will make the original images in Cinema 4D using X-Particles. This is the image we’ll be making:

Coral Shape
Black and White image that will be used to create a vector file.
This video details the first steps involved to create the image shown above.

In the video above, I walk through how I use Cinema 4D and X-Particles’ Cell-Auto feature to create organic shapes with Cinema 4D and X particles that look like coral-like shapes.

Check out the next post to see how I create vector shapes and laser cutter files from the black and white images.

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